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Zip Military Cooking Fuel

Zip invented the domestic kerosene fire starter in 1936 and has grown over the last 76 years to become the leading ignition brand in Europe. Our constant innovation, quality management and superior product performance has enabled the Zip brand to become a trusted global partner to many leading retailers. The range primarily consists of solid and liquid fire starters, firelogs and charcoal.

 Zip’s manufacturing processes are approved to the highest international standards: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001.

Zip Military Cooking Fuel has significant advantages over other fuels :

Non toxic and safe if ingested

Suitable for use in extreme weather conditions
Easy to light
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (providing adequate ventilation)
Lightweight; easy to carry
Clean to handle
Consistent quality
Not classified as hazardous – can be transported by air
Safe for wildlife
Long shelf life; no use by date
Made in EU

Bio-Fuel is a convinient , cheap and All wheather Fuel, which can burn even when wet.It has infinite shelf life.

It has no fire hazard during transportation. It is odourless. Consistent quality. Lightweight.Clean to handle. It is non-toxic

Govt has decided to promote it as alternate fuel to LPG /Wood/Coal/Briquettes etc. As per PMs 'Man Ki Baat of 16 Feb 2020'

Average weight of a Cobe is 26 gm. Lights immediately when ignition source is applied. Burning time 18-20 minutes. Temprature stability -20o to +40o centigrade

This Fuel attracts only 5% as GST Rate of Tax. It is available in packaging as under-

A Box/Pouch of 8 Tablets

A Pack of 50 Box/Pouches
A Pallet of 40 Cases-2,000 packs per Pallet,16,000 cubes per Pallet.
A HPDE woven bag of 25 kg
Mimimum Box/Pack to Order 50 packs

We are ready to supply the Bio-Fuel Tablets at suitable discounted rates to categories of users as under-

Army Units in High Atitude Areas

Navy Units in Flood Affected Areas
Air Force Pilots Survival Kit Component
Canteen Stores Department(CSD) of India-when introduced.
BSF / ITBP operating in Difficult Terrain Conditions
Para Military Forces-in Support of Civil Administration
Young People on Hiking Trips Outdoors
NCC Cadets on Training
Hotel Industry for Outdoor Catering inviting Bulk Supply
Civilian Public for use as Domestic Fuel in lieu of LPG
Distress ridden areas with population in even remote areas
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