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Lipton Flavoured Tea Bags

Lipton Clear Green Tea 10s

Lipton Clear Green Tea 20s

Lipton Clear Green Citrus 10s


Lipton Clear Green Jasmine 10s

Lipton Clear Green Mint 10s


Taj Mahal Flavoured Tea Bags

Taj Mahal Flavoured Tea Bags

Taj Mahal Flavoured Tea Bags are available with us in 3 flavours-Lemon,Cardamom and Green Tea.They come in convinent packs of 10s and 20s.Whereas it's competitors pack come in much larger uneconomical packings.Thus Corporate Houses and BPOs will find it handy to refresh their streneous routine with world famous "Aah Waah Taz" reputation now in elite packs apart from regular Tea Bags.These are antioxidant and thus good for health too.


Lipton ThenineTea Bags

Lipton 'Thenine' Tea Bags

Lipton 'Thenine' Tea Bags are reputed to improve brain cells and enjoy ann international reputation of light colour and superior aroma. It's canary yellow packing are famous world over. Lipton Tea Bags form an exclusive class and are available with us.They have been relaunched with attractive and Fresh design.


Bru Cuppacino Coffee Sachet

Bru Cuppacino Coffee

Bru Cuppacino Coffee Sachet 11 gm are ideal to refresh sagging sprits in just whip of a second.Just add Hot Water and it's ready!! In offices Vending Machines offer 'Free Hot Water Option' just for this facility. Flavours areplenty. They come in Hot Coffee and Cold Coffee varities both.

Hot has Cinnamom, Bergamont while Cold has Irish Coffee and Frappacino Coffee sachets. Yet an other option for Coffee Lovers is Bru Instant Coffee 1 gm sachet to readily serve (self-serve) black coffee.

We provide them all for Airlines/BPOs/Corporate Offices/OOH/Gifting Options.


Kissan Doy Pack - 1 KG Tomato Ketchup

Kissan Doy Pack 1 Kg-Tomato Ketchup

Kissan Doy Pack 1 Kg-Tomato Ketchup- is a unique design to avoid any breakage. It is not in a glass bottle. It avoids deposits on the bottle neck as it has a narrow nozzle with cap. No spillage or wastage. It is cheaper too. Plus a Promotional Gift is always there with this pack - like Brown & Polson Vanilla Custard 100 gm or Kissan Jam 200 gm-till stocks last.


Lifebuoy Hand Wash

Lifebouy Total Hand Wash

Lifebouy Total Hand Wash with Pump in 200 ml pack is most useful these days to maintain hygine. With public being advised in News Papers to avoid 'Swine Flue' wash hands regulary, this is a handy, trusted brand and useful item in Offices and Hotels. It is Cheaper by Rs.20 than it's competitor Dettol-hence an economical option worth considering by all leading House Keeping Agencies.


Brooke Bond Leaf Tea

Brooke Bond Leaf Tea 2 Kg

Brooke Bond Leaf Tea 2 Kg pack is the most sougt after commodity by Caterers of all hues. It enjoys the trust of Indian Consumers. It has unique blend of colour and aroma plus liquor. It is cheapest branded Tea in its range. All industrial canteens in NCR Region are invited to place their orders on us.


Red Label Leaf Tea

Red Label Leaf Tea 950 gm

Red Label Leaf Tea 950 gm

Red Label Leaf Tea 950 gm is the best quality leaf tea. Brooke Bond takes pride in this product's lasting patronage by all since last 100 years. It has all what a CTC blended tea requires. It rejuvinates spirit in it's very first sip. This pack is most suited where bulk usage is desired at premium business houses or up-market HUF homes. We shall be glad to serve any client with bulk orders placed on us.

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